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Why StartEMIS

Why Startemis?

You are thinking of investing in art, but you don’t know where to start, what kind of art is right for you or you are not sure how to build an art portfolio?

We want to make investing in art. It’s simple – you choose what type of investor you want to be, you define your art preferences, and we will build an ideal art portfolio for you.

01You define

You answer around 30 or 40 questions to help us define your art investment profile. We examine aesthetic preferences, art forms, techniques, styles, periods, subject matters, artist profiles, investment objectives, risk profile, investment styles, timeframes and more. It takes around 30 minutes to fill-up.

You define
You choose

02You choose

You choose how much money you want to invest in art. You don’t need a large fortune to start buying pieces of art.

You can start investing in art with as much as $1,500, $3,000, $7,500, $15,000.

03We suggest

Our algorithm will suggest a balanced and tailored allocation based on your Art Investment Profile.

You choose

04We optimise

You decide what you want to keep among our suggestions. If there is something you don’t like, we will refine our search.

05 You get your art

We put you in touch directly with the art gallery or the artist so that you can conclude the transaction (payment and delivery).

Your art

Why everyone should include art in their portfolio?


The value of diversification

The first rule of investing: You should buy a wide variety of assets for your portfolio to reduce the risks


The demand is rising

The amount invested in art in increasing year after year which has a positive impact on art prices.


Protection against inflation

Fine art has always been protected against inflation.


The relationship between fine art and financial markets.

There is no correlation. The art market can help protect your financial assets in the event of a financial crash.


Fine art has an intrinsic value.

As for all tangible assets, the value of authentic fine art can never go to zero.

Art investing mythbuster

Define your Art Investment Profile and receive tailored artworks suggestions for only $200

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Proprietary algorithm
We have a built proprietary algorithm that refines art preferences


We are working with a network of 100 galleries


Investors pay directly the art gallery.